Picture Book About Feelings and a Freebie

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Those first crazy weeks of school are upon us.  How are you holding up?

How 'bout your students?

I know my kids tend to have a lot more emotional highs and lows in those first weeks in the classroom. 

Everyone's getting used to each other, the teacher, the classroom, the routine!  Lots of new stuff!
Who could blame them?

So I thought a good book pick for this week's 
Picture Book Pick of the week would be one about emotions.

I'm linking this book pick up with Deanna Jump's 
Book Talk Tuesday series so you may want to take a peek there later, too!

My favourite book about feelings is called,
                   The Way I Feel by Janan Cain 

This is a rhyming book with awesome illustrations.  

It touches on many common feelings such as 


and scared

as well as other more obscure feelings like
 like proud, thankful, and disappointed.

And it's the perfect length for the preschool to Kindergarten crowd.
(Even if I love a book, if I think it's too long for my wiggly group, it doesn't make the cut!)

The final page of the book assures kids that it's okay to have lots of different emotions.
It says, 
"Feelings come and feelings go
I never know what they'll be.
Silly or angry, happy or sad, 
They're all a part of me!"

After reading this book, we usually discuss emotions and how to deal with some of the trickier ones like anger.

I also give the kids a little exercise such as the one below.  

Since my class is preschool age, I scribe their ideas onto the worksheet and then they draw and colour the pictures.

I also created an 8 page Feelings Mini-book similar to this worksheet, but covering more emotions. 
You can see the mini-book and the full Freebie collection in the image below.
If you'd like to download a copy of this set, 
you can scoop it up {here.}  

Have a "happy" week!  :)  

FREE Wood Frames, Paper, and Signs Clip Art Set!

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My school isn't back in session until next week.  
But this week, I did spend some time in the classroom preparing materials and hosting an Open House night with my teaching partner.  

We met lots of great families and students eager to start the school year!

And on Monday, we begin!

That means I have two days to whip myself back into  school year mode.  

Yes, I must learn what day of the week it is, and I'll probably need to outlaw the  1 am "bedtimes," as well!    

But enough talk about work and schedules!
That's not fun!

Instead, let's talk about giving YOU a nice, new freebie

It's my way of thanking all of you who support me out there! 
Whether you follow me on one of my sites or shops, buy the occasional product from my stores, or just leave comments and feedback about my products or posts, I really appreciate it and I want you to know!

 For today's freebie, I have chosen a clip art set that I think would be useful to pretty much everyone.   

     The images in this 
Wood Frames, Signs, and Paper Clip Art Set 
include 9 items in total - 5 colour images, and 4 blackline.  

This set could be used in a myriad of ways throughout the year!

If you want a copy, just pop over to my graphics shop {here}.
If you like it, I'd love it if you'd leave feedback on it.
  It really helps me get my little store noticed.  

 If you'd like to be notified of the next freebie, just sign up to follow my Chirp Graphics shop while you're there!


And I almost forgot to mention!
The two contest winners for my 
10 Fall Magnet Board Songs Set 
Kayla D. and Carrie S.! 

They have been notified by e-mail and sent a copy of the product.

Thank you to everyone who entered!  

Pick up a Back to School Freebie - A Set of Farm Garden Playdough Mats!

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Well, I don't feel as bad as the person in the picture, but another month of summer would sure be nice!!!

I don't start teaching till September 8th, but this week I'll be doing classroom set-up with my teaching partner as well as an Open House night.  
So really, summer's kinda over!!

In case anyone out there needs a little pick-me-up (or just a new resource to start the year)
I revamped my Farm Garden Playdough Mat Set.
And I'd like to offer it to you for FREE!

 This set was a big hit in my classroom last year.  
The kids love playdough activities and these mats and puppets offer a fresh way to use it!

The children can make a variety of "vegetable shapes" to lay in each of the garden beds. 

Once the garden is stocked, the kids can use the farmer and customer puppet figures to buy and sell the produce. 
(Just glue popsicle sticks to the back of the images.)

I've included a wagon and wheelbarrow so that the customers (or the farmer) can place vegetables on them and then slide them around as they choose their vegetables.

Add a cash register or some play money to the center for even more fun!  

It almost makes you want to get in there and play too,  doesn't it?  (Or maybe that's just me! :)

If you download the set, I'd love to have your feedback on it for my shop page.  It really helps me grow my little store.
Thank you!

I have lots more resource and clipart freebies coming up!

If you don't want to miss the next one, you can sign up to receive my posts by e-mail on my blog's sidebar.  

(Facebook no longer sends posts out to ALL fans of a business page so if you are one of my much-appreciated Facebook fans but don't follow my blog, unfortunately you aren't seeing a number of my posts and freebies.) 

To pick up the product click {here} or on the image below.

10 Fall Magnet Board Songs and a Giveaway Contest!

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I just finished creating this set of Fall songs for circle time. Now I can relax knowing I have some fun new materials ready for when I return to school! 

 Phew! No last minute prep!

This set contains 10 different songs - some popular classics, as well as a number of original fall songs set to classic tunes. 

Easy to learn, easy to perform. Just what I like!

 And just what I need on those days my brain is a little, shall we say, FUZZY. :)

Here's a sample of what I made!

The images can be used on a felt board (by gluing pieces of felt to the back) or on a magnet board.

I plan to glue some button magnets to the back of each picture and then use them on a magnet board.
What can I say?  I love magnets!

This 10 Fall Songs with Story Images set is available in my Teacher's Pay Teacher's shop. 
40 pages and over 50 images for $6!

All the clip art for the songs came from my
(Yep, I've been busy creating lots of new images this summer!)

I'm so excited about this set that I would love to share it for FREE with two of my blog followers!

If you're not a follower already, just sign up on right the sidebar of my blog where it says "Receive posts by e-mail," then send an e-mail to teacheasyresources@shaw.ca with the words,
  I want to win!
typed into the subject line.

I will be picking the two winners in ONE week on
 Wednesday, September 3rd!
Good luck!

Teacher's Closet - Ideas for your Fall Wardrobe!

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I don't spend a lot of money on my wardrobe, but I looove clothes, so every time the season changes I treat myself to a few new items.  

Fall is just about here, so you know what that means...
time to shop!

To keep track of what I want to buy next, I've started a Pinterest board called, Teacher's Closet.

I take a peek at it before I shop and once I hit the stores, it helps me search out what I "need" with laser sharp focus!
  I have about 42 pins on the board so far and I'm continuing to add on!

Here's a sample of some of the outfits I've pinned. 
Casual Spring Weekend

If you'd like to take a peek at the board, just pop over to my Teach Easy Pinterest page.  

You'll see the Teacher's Closet board right near the top!

Tips for Using Magnet Board Songs and Activities

I love making magnet games for centers and magnet board stories for circle time.  

There's something about that "pulling" sensation from a magnet that kids love.
It adds a lot of extra fun to an activity! 

I like to use the nice, strong button magnets on the back of my image pieces. 
And I use squares cut from a magnet sheet for the corners of background pages since they need to lie a little flatter.   

When gluing the magnets, I find that a hot glue gun has served me quite well for the materials that are for my use only.  

If the kids are using the activities (for the magnet games,etc.), I've found that a stronger glue is required.
They're not quite as careful with the pieces as I am!
Go figure! :)

For highly used items, I strongly recommend E6000 glue for extra staying power.
It's available at Wal-Mart for just 4 to 5 dollars per tube.

When I first started doing magnet activities, I just used a cookie sheet (which works fine in a pinch!), but then I wanted something that could stand upright.  

So I found a magnet board with a lip in the back (just $3 at the thrift store - I do love a bargain!! :)  

Then I created the stand below with a piece of wood I found in the back yard.

I drilled two holes in the edges that matched the size of the dowel pieces I bought at Home Depot.  

Then I painted it a nice bright green!

If you decide to make this stand, just keep in mind the size of your drill bits when you buy the dowels.
  You'll need some big holes!

You'll also want to make sure the dowels will fit into the lip on the back of your magnet board.

Here's my magnet board in use for some of my Fall games!

 Crow Number Match Game
The kids practice number recognition by matching #1 - 20 crow magnets to the corresponding number circle on the board.  

Apple Tree Magnet Game
Fall Back to School Unit  
Students load up the apple tree with the apple magnets.  
Then they roll a #1 - 3 die.  If they roll a "2" they place two apples in the circles on their apple basket.  
First player to fill his basket WINS!
My last tip regarding using magnet boards is to put a non-skid mat from the dollar store underneath them.  
It keeps the stand nice and stable!

Back to School Sale - 20% OFF all products!

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School's just around the corner so I'm throwing a one day


ALL products in my Chirp Graphics shop AND my Teach Easy Resources shop will be discounted!

If you are looking for some new activities for Fall, you may want to peek at my 

Fall Back to School Unit

It contains 9 fun circle time and center time activities including:

1. Two person Apple Tree Counting Game
2. Jack O'Happy Mini book
 3. Class/Circle Time Pumpkin Number Game

4. Scarecrow Number Matching Game
5. Jack O'Happy Song Cards 
6. Farmer Squirrel's Nut Stand Playdough Activity

7. Class/Circle Time Leaf Colour Game
8. Colour Song/Storybook called Can You Guess the Season?
9. 5 Crows All Shiny Black Magnet/Felt Board Song

 And if you like clip art for your teaching resources or other creations, I have a ton of new items for Fall! 

Here's four of my recent additions:

As I mentioned ALL products in both shops will be discounted by 20%!  

Click on the shop images below and take advantage of these great prices while you can!

Just remember to use the promo code BOOST at checkout to get the full discount!

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